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A Day To Remember 

Mengo Ward Open House


Members and full time missionaries of The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mengo Ward were thrilled by the experience they had this last Saturday at their ward open house.

During an Open House, the missionaries and members from the local area serve as tour guides to help the public know and see what takes place in church. In addition to the public viewing, the guests are given an opportunity to learn and ask questions about the teachings and doctrines of the church.  

The Mengo branch presidency announced a month ago that they would hold an open house and from then the members and full time missionaries have been working hard planning and looking forward to this historical event. 

The activity kicked off at 10:00am. Two separate groups of both members and missionaries went out with joint effort to find and invite the surrounding community to come learn and know about the church. While others were out moving and inviting people a selected numbers of members and missionaries remained stationed at different points in and out of the church bundling to receive and direct those that would come in to participate.

Introduction to the church, the restoration and the prophet Joseph Smith and the temple and families were some of the topics that were discussed. The full time missionaries played a very big role in answering many questions. A lot of questions were answered about the church and its origin and why this church amongst all the others.

The open house was concluded by giving the investigators a tour of the meeting house and the classrooms, and also showed them pictures of the prophet Russel M Nelson, and the quorum of the twelve apostles.

The assigned tour guide concluded by bearing their testimonies of the truthfulness of the gospel and invited the investigator to ponder, pray and ask Heavenly Father to know of the truthfulness of all that had been explained as taught in the Book of Mormon.

“I was really pleased to see many individuals spare time to get to know about the church. I honestly didn't expect to see people flooding the designated stations as it actually was, and to add to my joy, we were all able to socialize with the people who came in. Some of them actually decided to stay a while longer than expected. I observed a sincere feeling of brotherly love as each member and missionary walked in hand in hand with a brother who desired to know who they were” said brother  Dericano  Franxious Nabwiso the Ward missionary leader.

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