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Kampala South Stake Young Women Activity 

Young Women Mutual Activity

Young women in the Kampala South Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints gathered on Saturday the 31st of March 2018 at the Kabowa Stake Center to patriciate in this year’s Stake Mutual activity for the young women.


Youth in the church should have a regularly scheduled activity night, called Mutual. The term Mutual suggests shared experiences in which there is mutual respect and support for one another. Mutual is held on a day or an evening other than Sunday or Monday. It is generally held once a week.

The theme of the activity was taken from this year’s youth Mutual “Peach In Christ” The youth of the church have been asked to memorize and use it as a guide in their lives, that when the mists of darkness swirl about them and seem overwhelming they will be able to bring this theme to mind and hence finding peach in Christ.


Sister Harriet Kagumya the stake young women president emphasized the relevance of holding mutual nights at ward or branch level. Animated videos centered on the theme were viewed which helped the young women understand the theme better.

Many young women were introduced to the young women personal progress program and taught of the importance and blessings that will come to them as they willing take part in every project of the program.


The young women also participated in an art session in which creativity was show cased at its best. They made unique pieces of art using materials such as beads, cloth, paper, and strings among others. This was done to help them know that Lord wants us to make god use of our talents and that trough using our talents  

It was fun getting young women to communicate with each other and also cooperate in terms of sharing materials and ideas.


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