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Doctor Missionary From Uganda

A young doctor in Uganda decides to leave his job and serve a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

My name is Brian Esele Atubu. I am born to Stella Ajilong a single mother who joined the church in 1994 after narrowly surviving a car accident that cost the lives of six workmates. While on her sick bed, she made decision to serve the God that saved her. Soon after her discharge, missionaries miraculously knocked on our door and that started our journey in to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


In primary four, I asked my mother what job I should do when I grew up, She smiled and replied “medical doctor” I assumed that is what every parent wanted their children to be but still asked why, she replied “to treat God’s children” this reason made me look up to being a doctor.

Our youth class teacher shared a story of an old lady who died after baptism and confirmation, she was meant to receive the gospel earlier in her life however the missionary who had to teach her did not go on a mission. That made me begin to think of serving a mission, I don’t want people to miss the restored gospel or receive it late.


 I embarked on completing my education as I waited for the age of mission, excelled in high school and was awarded government scholarship to train as a doctor in the country’s top university. In third year of medical school, my bishop gave me mission papers that I kept away and focused on completing medical school. After medical school, began thinking of how I could get to be a neurosurgeon, one day after institute class, the stake president told me he did not think I can go for mission any more, however he bore his testimony and told me, mission will be the greatest thing to do and God will bless me, I felt touched, this rekindled my childhood thoughts on mission, I prayed asking God if mission was the right thing and if it would not be a professional set back.


On my graduation dinner, my bishop remarked saying “I know Brian will serve a mission” his gift to me was a picture of his family with books Jesus the Christ, our heritage, search for happiness, true to the faith and a mission water bottle, this hit me so deep, I shared this with my sweet friend Juliana Babeeyo who told me she had picked her mission papers a month before. I got inspired and prayed again and I  got inner joy every time I remembered mission was a time I would dedicate my energy, talents and skills to serving God, I filled my mission papers, faced frustrating challenges during the process but remembered God makes everything possible for those with good intensions.

I started working in two medical centers as I waited for my call, despite other job opportunities, I felt comfortable with these two because I did not have to work on Sunday and would not miss institute and family home evening. I began to read the book of Mormon daily, I was able to more fully resist the temptations with a lot of ease, if there is anyone fighting hard to get over any habit, just read this book, things will happen automatically.


Five days in a row, I read from the book of Mormon about something wrong I had done the previous day, for a moment I thought my book of Mormon words were changing, I checked another book of Mormon to be sure this wasn’t happening.

Three weeks before receiving my mission call, I watched a video of president Russel M Nelson on Facebook made on his 90th birthday and summarized his time as apostle in ten ways, by the end of this video my eyes were teary amazed at how much he dedicated his life to serving God, my feelings about mission renewed, then I saw a picture of him as presiding apostle signing mission calls, downloaded it and sent it to my mother, told her  “I am honored it’s president Nelson signing my call”

I prayed for a particular mission but read about subjecting ourselves to God’s will in Helaman 10, I knew that was a message for me, that night I prayed God takes me to where I was needed as missionary, I dreamt that I was called to serve in a nearing country to that I wanted, in the dream this country was the land of bountiful which bishop and my mother interpreted to be South Africa. A week after, I received my call, after my family members guessing where I was called, I opened my call, my mother guessed accurately, South Africa Johannesburg mission signed by presiding apostle Russel M Nelson, I felt the spirit so strong, I knew it was heavenly father’s will that I go to this mission, it was exciting my call was signed by president Nelson.

 I love my profession as a doctor because I serve God’s children however for this time I know God wants me to serve the wonderful people of South Africa as a full time missionary, I know for every new covert will be a generation of descendants growing in the truth, after my mission, I will marry, make a great husband and wonderful father.


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