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Ugandan Saints Urged to Live the Gospel Culture

Nearly 800 members and of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints anxiously filled their Uganda Kampala regional center to over-flowing on Sunday, November 23rd, in order to be instructed by leaders of the Church.  Through a recorded broadcast, from headquarters of the Church in Salt Lake City, Utah, the congregation was taught by a member of the highest governing body of the Church (First Presidency) and an Apostle of the Church.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, who serves as Second Counselor to the President of the Church, commented that, "Africa is a most beautiful continent, but most remarkable are the people that live there."  He reminded the Saints that “We are all of the same worth to our Heavenly Father, none better or worse than others.”   

The theme for the conference centered on living the gospel culture.  Pres.Uchtdorf told the Saints that some traditions run counter to God’s ways and that behavior unbecoming to members of the Church could seriously interfere with the gospel culture.

Elder David A. Bednar from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, urged members not to insist on doing things the way they have always been done but live their lives according to the standards and teachings taught by the savior Jesus Christ. He also urged the members  to sacrifice by paying tithing and offering their best.  He encouraged them to dedicate their time, talents, strength, and property to building the kingdom of God.  “Set everything aside that makes you take variance from living the Gospel”  he said.

Other speakers included Elder Robert C. Gay, a member of the First Quorum of Seventy, who conducted the broadcast and spoke about following God instead of traditions.  Sister Jean A. Stevens, a member of the Church's organisation for children (Primary), urged parents to have prayer and daily scripture study with their children to prepare them for the role the Lord is preparing them for.

Members in attendance expressed a willingness to be obedient to the counsel they had received.  Richard Okello commented, “I appreciated the message of cultures.  We need to stop doing the same thing because some else did it.  We need to let go.”  Grace Balmoi stated, “We need to give our best, only the best is good enough for the Lord.  We need to stop making excuses.”  Sara Balyejusa felt that “as Africans we are tied to our culture.  We need to focus on the Gospel culture to lead us to our Father in Heaven.”

The leader of the Church who oversees the areas of Kampala and Entebbe (Stake President) Jimmy Carter Okot felt the messages were very relevant to members of the Church in Africa.  He said, “It was obvious that they went to the Lord and petitioned Him as to what we needed to hear.  It is a testimony to me of how much the Lord wants to help us.”

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