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My Source of Strength

The Book of Mormon

One of the most exciting things that has ever happened in my life is the day I found the Book of Mormon. Last year my family and I went for a family vocation to London UK. One day I came home and decided to sit at the dining table for lunch. My friend told her daughter to thread some past magazines, newspapers, and books.


As I was leaving, I heard the daughter asking her mum if she could thread the Book of Mormon. When I heard the word Mormon, I thought about my Ugandan friend who was a member of the church, and I told her daughter not to destroy it. Her mum thought it was the devil’s Bible.

I got hurt when she called it “the Bible for the devil,” and I told her it was not a Bible for the devil, but rather, it was a Bible for the Mormons.

Later, I opened it because it was my first time seeing it. I found it creepy because I had never heard of a name like “Alma.”

I kept it in my bag because I had strange feelings about it. I was unfamiliar with any of the names in the book. My mother told me to throw it away, but I remember telling her it would be disrespecting the “Mormon Bible.”

I hid it, but, out of fear, I did not bother opening it again. I had many chances to throw it away, but somehow, I felt strongly it would be wrong.

Lots of questions crossed my mind. I was committed to my faith, but during that time I began to doubt. I began praying to God, seeking knowledge on what I needed to do.

When I returned to Uganda, I still had the Book of Mormon with me. I tried finding more information about the Mormons, but nothing was helpful. I was told Mormons drink blood and only dress in white. I developed negative thoughts about the church, but I still had the urge to know who Alma was.


One Sunday morning, my mum and I decided we would drop the book at the Mormon church. As we got to the gate, we were warmly welcomed by the members, and they invited us to stay for the meeting.

When we entered, my first impression was that it was a meeting not a church service. I expected to find either a Reverend or a priest preaching to the congregation. I also expected to find Alter servers but I was surprised to find a young man talking to the congregation. We later found out that it wasn’t just a meeting but sacrament meeting. 

We attended the Gospel Principles class, and I had the opportunity to ask who Alma was. I was told Alma was a prophet, and I knew there was a lot for me to learn.

After that, my interest in learning more about the Mormon Church increased. I was introduced to the full-time missionaries who helped me learn and understand the Book of Mormon.


It was a great experience for me to learn about the restored gospel and its principles. I decided to be baptized into the church because I had come to know for myself that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. I love the restored gospel, and I am proud of it. I feel each of the teachings of the church is true. In the few weeks I have been a member, I have drawn closer to my Heavenly Father. I love the Book of Mormon and I testify that its teachings are true. This book has become my source of strength. 


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