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Creation of the Tororo Branch in Busia District


There are many areas in Uganda where there are faithful members of the church who have relocated and there is not an official branch there. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints tries to grow within the centers of strength. There are stakes in Kampala and Jinja and as those areas grow, they create more wards and branches because they have a firm foundation to help the new units. If the church creates a branch that is all by itself, there is not that strong foundation to grow on and it becomes difficult to give the support to them that is needed. With the creation of the Busia District, President Collings was aware that there were members worshiping in their homes in Tororo, which is only about 20 minutes away from the new District, so he started looking into getting a branch approved for the members there.

On 3 March, the Mission Presidency along with members of the Busia District Presidency and Assistants to the President came to Tororo to be a part of the creation of the Tororo Branch. We the meeting started with the sacrament, which is the most important reason we have church on Sunday. It was very significant, because it's been so long since a sacrament meeting was approved, except within the homes of the members.

After the sacrament, President Collings spoke about the importance of Priesthood Keys. As a new branch president would be sustained and set apart that day, he wanted the people to understand that this call was from God, and that although this man was not perfect, he would be given all the tools he needs to lead the Tororo Branch in the Savior's way. He taught about how priesthood keys are passed from one with priesthood authority, and read in Matthew about the experience Peter, James, and John had on the mount of Transfiguration with the Savior.

He asked one of our missionaries, Elder Trippe, to share the story of the First Vision and Joseph Smith, and then President Collings talked about how Joseph Smith received those keys from John the Baptist, and Peter, James, and John in the Latter Days. He talked about how this new Branch President was given a portion of those keys and had the authority to lead the church in this part of the Lord's Vineyard.

President Okello announced and sustained the New Branch President, John Othieno Jadwong. The vote was unanimous. Also, Jesse Jackson Mugisha was called and set apart as the Branch Clerk.

By the end of the sacrament meeting, 71 people had come to church. The missionaries said there were over 30 people who were investigating the church. There was such a feeling of love and brotherhood. We look forward to great things happening in Tororo.

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