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Hold a Temple Recommend

President Nelson Invited Latter-Day Saints In Kenya To Prepare For The Temple

Latter-day Saints have been urged to find time and carry out their family history work in a bid to be in position to qualify and live with God. The call was made by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, President Russell M. Nelson on 16 April during a conference held at Bomas hall in Nairobi Kenya.


President Russell M. Nelson and his wife, Wendy, along with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife, Patricia, visited Europe, Africa and Asia. President Russell’s visit is a part of his global tour and he visited eight cities in eleven days across Europe, Africa and Asia.

 “Find out more details about your ancestors when and where they were born, names. God is our Father and He created us though we have individual features,” He says. Adding that Saints from Kenya and other neighbouring countries will soon reap great blessings from the temple. President Nelson adds that family is central to God’s plan and therefore couples should care for each other and their children as well.


Sister Nelson explains that as we continue to ministering unto others, we will be like the disciples of Jesus Christ and not live after the manner of men. “If we want to fulfill our mission on earth as we wait for the Saviour’s second coming, we shall become greatly blessed. Let’s also build our marriages and prepare to receive Him when he comes,” she says.


Sister Holland commended President Nelson and noted that he is indeed called of God and he will lead the church where the Lord wants it to go. “We are so bleed, Sister Nelson is a remarkably a good woman with a heart as well as a counselor. We have come to know both during our time with them and we are grateful to be on this mission with them,” adds Sister Holland.


Elder Jeffrey R. Holland commended the saints for their commitment and extending a warm welcome to them, challenged them to hold various church activities like family home evenings and use it as a gift that has been given to them by God. “God gives His children a gift and if we don’t embrace it and share it with others through bringing them to the temple so that they also benefit from it,” Elder Holland adds.

Elder Holland asked the saints to do three things namely;Everyone accountable age should hold a temple recommend even before the temple is built. You can always carry it with you whenever you are or maybe. Record family history, collect photos and all stories. Remember it goes to generations and others members who have crossed the veil.


Attend the temple whenever possible o when you can and make it a part of your life. The temple offers more blessings to yourselves, children and your ancestors too. It’s a place of purity, peace, happiness; best things in life, safety in life, answers, hope are all available in the temple.

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