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Church Members Render Service to Community

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints across the country of Uganda have joined the rest of their collegues in other parts of the world to carry out a community service drive, commonly dubbed "Mormon Helping Hands Day" which is held once each year.

Unlike in the past when all units of the church in a single town came together and carried out a major joint cleaning exercise, this  year, each unit was tasked to identify and carry out a community service in its own locality.

In Jinja, saints from the Mpumudde area gathered at a community hospital and cle  aned the compound; cut the grass and planted a variety of fruit trees in the facility. The hospital superintendent was so impressed by the selfless efforts of the saints who worked which such enthusiasm that is rarely seen in the community. He thanked them and said the fruit trees will provide nutritional supplements to the patients who visit the hospital in the future.

Meanwhile the saints in the main town district of Jinja left the Nalufenya Childrens Hospital in the area looking very neat after spending close to 5 hours working at the facility. They scrubbed the floors of the wards, washed the windows, worked the flower gardens and gave an encouraging smile to the young patients at the hospital greatly warming their hearts.

The Nalufenya Childrens Hospital is a referal hospital for an area covering over 40 square miles.

Closer to the capital city, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from the Kololo and Nsambya units of the church gathered at the Earnest Primary School for Orphans in Nsambya and gave it a new look. They leveled the bumpy grounds of the school yard, relocated unused bricks that were laying around, and planted grass and  shrubbery. The group of over 100 saints wore their 'Mormom Helping Hands' vests, vigorously  going about their tasks with a cheer as they laboured for close to 5 hours. The director of the school thanked all people who had participated in the activity and asked them to always visit.. He said the school provides education to over 600 children

Similarly Saints from from the Seeta and Mukono units of the Church, 17kms east of Kamapala City, did a tremendous job at the Mukono Health Center 4. Armed with hoes, slashers, brooms, garden rakes, shovels and a handheld  motorised grass cutting tool, the saints worked continiously at the health facility for over three hours tranforming the grounds from the bushy unkempt status to  very beaufiful grounds akin to hotels.


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