News Release

A Day Fulled With Fun And Learning 

Ntinda Ward Young Single Adults Activity

On Saturday the 21st of April 2018, Young Single Adults of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held a get together activity at the Ntinda Ward of the Kampala North Stake. This activity brought young single adults (YSAs) from many wards in the both the North and South Stake to participate in an afternoon filled with fun, socializing and learning.


Following the teachings in Mosiah 18:21, the theme for this activity was “knit together in unity and in love one towards another". The choice of this theme was aimed at helping participates to build unity and strengthening love with no contention.  

Brother Deogratcious spoke to participates and reminded them that repentance should be a joy not a burden. He added that it is something they must do to return to the presence of their Father in Heaven. Following his remarks Brother Hosea a member of the stake high council led an open discussion about the Do’s and Don’ts of dating in the church. He encouraged the YSA to date with a purpose and make temple marriage the main goal of dating.



They played a "One Minute Dating" game where all participates were given an opportunity to talk to as many people as they could. They got to know each other by name, address and also shared contacts to further the friendships created. A time was also set for many participates to show off their freely God given talents.


Going in line with the theme, they young adults also played a water balloon game to help them learn to love and work together without contention. They were paired in group and each group was given a balloon filled with water. Each group had to work out ways to keep the balloon from busting. Saving the balloon from busting took a lot of planning and unity.


At the close of the activity, many single adults agreed that this activity was one of a kind. They promise each other to progress. Meaning they will stop attending young single adult activities and start attending couples conferences as faithfully married and sealed husbands and wives.

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